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One of the many great things about our God, is that His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9) and when there is work to be done for His glory, He will carry out His plan to achieve that greater purpose. So, it's by no coincidence that God brought this couple together. Individually they have lived out many life experiences and together they continue to strive through life focusing on marriage, ministry and music. Challenges in life have made them stronger and more humble - enriching their hearts for worship as songwriters and singers.

2023 is a big year for Tori & Shauna with the release of their band new, full album "Share Your Love Vol. 2" featuring their new singles "The Lord is Close" and "When I Think About You" written by Tori Nelson, Shauna Nelson, and Grammy Award Winning Producer, Jonathan Crone, and even more music produced by world-renowned producer and singer Myron Davis including songs like "Used by You" and "No Matter What". Their single "The Lord is Close" reflects on Psalms 34:18. This song was written with so many people in mind, who face hurt, loss, and pain, and this song was made to help us learn to worship, even while we are going through our problems. Because we know God is greater than any storm of life, "The Lord is Close" is a reminder that through the Word of God, we can shift our focus off the problem, and onto the problem solver, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. "When I Think About You" is an energetic, soul stirring, up-tempo song that expresses deep thanksgiving and worship to the Lord. It's been 3 years since their first EP launched and this new album will quickly ignite a fire for worship within each listener.

Blessed with voices that captures the heart of worship, with their unique blend and soft tones, but strong deeply rooted soulful sounds, Tori and Shauna are committed to pursing Christ while spreading His word through song, using their voices together as one empty vessel to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Debuting their first hit single in 2018 "The Love of Jesus" that they were blessed to co-write with their multifaceted, Grammy Award Winning Producer Jonathan Crone and co-written with nationally recognized, top 20 male contestant on season 12 of American Idol, Josh Wright, has been a long awaited achievement for this couple. This mega collaboration was clearly orchestrated by God, to fully accomplish His plan again in their ministry. "The Love of Jesus" is filled with deep worship to Christ for who is and what he has done through his life, death and resurrection. There is no greater love, than the love of Jesus Christ, and this song is a constant reminder of His love that has no end. Their hope with "The Love of Jesus" is to keep peoples hearts focused on Christ with every lyric and to truly embrace worship through every note. 


Their faith and love for Jesus Christ is evident in every aspect of their lives and they've both been on the move for the Lord ever since they committed their hearts to Him. Sharing His love with the world became their passion and focus. Both born in Cleveland, OH, and being raised in Church helped them understand the importance of knowing Christ and finding their place in serving for the Lord. Tori, being ordained in ministry at the age of 18, began preaching the Word of God while attending Thiel College in Greenville, PA, and being no stranger to music found his voice while singing with a group he formed with his longtime best friend Ken McGraw, Jr. After graduating with a degree in Engineering Physics, he pursed a career all while pursing the works of the Lord in ministry through his local church which he served as a youth minister and worship leader. Shauna, with her long history of singing, grew up in her family church as a Pastors kid, always serving in her church choir and worship team. She was noticeably called to sing at the early age of 3 years old, inspired by her mother. While attending Cleveland State University, she truly found her voice right before graduating college, where she joined forces with Tori and Ken singing in a trio they co-formed called Malachi3, shortly after Tori and Shauna uniting as a couple several years prior, now united in marriage.


After moving to Columbus, OH in 2010 and singing on the worship team at Northwest Bible Church in Hilliard, OH, stepping away from Malachi3 for a season, God began to take Tori and Shauna on a detour. Several years of being still and focusing on faith and family, God began to speak a new mission for this couple. During this time of much prayer and consideration, God led the couple to Nashville, TN where their new journey in music began, working with singer/songwriter and producer, Jonathan Crone, and singer/songwriter Josh Wright. From there, not only did they collaborate to finish and bring to life their debut hit EP single "The Love of Jesus", that Shauna first began writing a few years prior, out of Ephesians 3, but several other hit singles were created during their many trips to Nashville.

This project kicked off with "The Love of Jesus" to introduce the duo and continued with the release of their other EP singles including "Share Your Love", "His Power Lives in You", as well as "Worthy of the Praise" featuring Calvin Cooke and more. These songs showcased the versatility and power in Tori and Shauna's voices, and truly show their love and passion for Christ. 

In a short time, Tori and Shauna have been considered one of Christian music's newest additions, well-respected and loved artists, but believe this, they are no stranger to music and certainly no stranger to ministry. Their passion is not just music, but creating music that brings hearts closer to God, to encounter His grace and experience His mercy through the living Word, Jesus Christ.

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